Ugly Truth #1: Your employer doesn't care about your happiness

Of course you feel disengaged at work. Despite the fact that disengagement costs employers 7.8 Trillion a year, the reality is Your employer is doing just enough to keep you from leaving.

Ugly Truth #2: The world is experiencing a mental health crisis...

Rates of Depression and Anxiety have sky-rocked since Covid. Peace of Mind has never been harder to find, as our ancestral brains to adjust to modern life

Ugly Truth #3: Most people wander through life busy, disconnected and unhappy

Despite the abundance of accessible information, Finding and Connecting with a bigger purpose has never been harder - as Dissonance between organizational and personal missions grow further apart.

Ugly Truth #4: You're the only person who can make you happy

External validation means nothing without personal contentment.

Why This Course

Our course is specifically designed to help unfulfilled professionals create their own mission/vision/brand, audit their existing life practices, and build sustainable habits/systems to achieve their goals.
By taking this course, you'll find increased clarity of mind, a deeper sense of purpose, and increased alignment between your personal and work values. Our unique approach combines research and best practices around life design with habit formation and productivity, giving you a powerful toolkit to unleash your full potential and achieve your goals.

This Course Is For You, IF You ARE...

  • Looking to make significant change - but unsure where to start
  • Open to building new habits, routines, and systems
  • Committed to spending ~1 hour a day on self-improvement in the form of reflective exercises, self-experimentation, and new building new habit

"Too often we convince ourselves that massive results require massive action." - James Clear

Enroll and get:

  • 15 days of exercises derived from the world's leaking thinkers on life design, performance and wellness - including Naval Ravikant, Tim Ferriss, Brene Brown, and James Clear
  • Daily meditations, journal prompts, workout of the days, and reflective exercise designed to help you discover purpose, find clarity, and up your game
  • Exercises to find/leverage unique strengths, clarify values, and build your mission
  • Interactive and curriculum to upgrade mental models, decrease anxiety, improve habits, and work towards your potential
  • Bonus Master Class style interview content with best-selling Author Eric Jorgensen, world-class automation expert Jimmy Rose, regenerative community/business expert Jason Schulist, and start-up founders

More specifics...

  • Custom exercises, and content backed by science and high-performers
  • Notion templates to make exercises easy to complete
  • Bonus Master-class style interviews with Authors, Polymaths, Venture Capitalists and more
  • Lifetime access to content and community ($5000 value!)

"Crafting a personal mission has helped me immensely"

"'15 Days' helped me find a mental clarity I was missing... Thanks, Mike!"

-Ryan Green

Commerce Strategy, Adobe

"Thank you for the direction!"

"'15 Days' was a great experience! The "Super Power" and Values exercises helped me find clarity and purpose."

- Dan Chodowksi

Program Analyst

Hi, I'm Mike - Your Teacher

I've helped thousands of students build lives of purpose through leadership roles at the worlds top liberal arts institution and a C-Suite Higher Ed executive. Along the way I've worked with with Stanford University and EY-Partheneon, side-hustled as a consultant, writer, advisor, and investor, and helped hundreds of the best organizations on the planet source talent.

I couldn't be more excited or grateful to share some of the "cheat codes for life".

Example Curriculum

  Getting Started
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Mindset Matters: Day 1/2 Mental Models to Upgrade Your Operating System
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Building Your Compass & Finding Basecamp (Days 3-5)
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Hiking The Foothills (Days 6-11)
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Starting our Ascent (Days 12 - 15)
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Bonus Materials & Conversations
Available in days
days after you enroll

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Dude - I've been there.

F*ck - I lived there.

I've been that stressed, anxious, disconnected person who felt they were just CHASING solution after solution - not seeing the complexity of the problem before me.

I'm here to help you:

  • Find mental clarity
  • Build better habits
  • Create better accountability structures
  • Find sustainable success


Over The Top 1000% (yes, you read that right)

Money Back Guarantee


I don't want you to like this course.

I want you to love it.

I want you to be sad when it's over.

I want you to tell you friends they need to take it.

I want to learn from you.

I want YOU to be part of MY network.

Because we both win that way...

And I want to you win with you.